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Dr. Adam Blair has an abundance of knowledge in performance and injury management. Adam brings a fresh, enthusiastic and skilled presence to our practice. His undergraduate background in Kinesiology combined with his recent chiropractic degree and his lifelong attachment to chiropractic make Dr. Blair the ideal addition to our clinic. Dr.Blair’s passion extends to family care. As a minor hockey coach and a skilled player, he has an in- depth understanding of injury management, prevention and performance. Adam is committed to teaching and training the children and families in our community to be involved in health, wellness, chiropractic and active lifestyles.


Dr. Jennafer Collins is the newest member of our health care team. Her commitment to health and wellness started at a young age. Through her involvement in a variety of competitive sports, she became curious of how the body works and how some teammates seemed more prone to injuries than others. Her interest in health and wellness evolved, in part, due to her mother’s career in the natural and holistic health industry. These childhood experiences and her exposure to chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage, as a young athlete, made the path to becoming a natural health practitioner an obvious choice. This led her to an undergraduate honors degree in health studies at Queen’s University and then to graduate as a Doctor of Chiropractic, growing her passion for physical health and well-being beyond the traditional medical system.


Through her experiences she has learned that wellness is a lifelong journey that starts with maintenance of a healthy body from a young age. Her time as an athlete and as a coach, has given her a good understanding of athletic injuries and proper recovery. Dr. Collins believes however, that the best health care is prevention. Whether you’re an athlete, work at a desk all day, are a grandparent wanting to keep up with their grandkids or just someone looking to improve their overall health and mobility, Dr. Collins believes that everyone can benefit from starting on a holistic health journey.


Dr. Collins uses manual therapy, chiropractic manipulation, activator, cupping and acupuncture to treat a broad range of concerns from head to toe. She loves working with athletes, young children, and people looking to improve their overall health and continues to strive to improve the health of our community.

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