Dr. Adam Blair has an abundance of knowledge in performance and injury management. Adam brings a fresh, enthusiastic and skilled presence to our practice. His undergraduate background in Kinesiology combined with his recent chiropractic degree and his lifelong attachment to chiropractic make Dr. Blair the ideal addition to our clinic. Dr.Blair’s passion extends to family care. As a minor hockey coach and a skilled player, he has an in- depth understanding of injury management, prevention and performance. Adam is committed to teaching and training the children and families in our community to be involved in health, wellness, chiropractic and active lifestyles.


Dr. Tom MacKay has developed an incredible following of families and athletes committed to health and performance. He applies his expertise in spinal-neural function to assist in performance enhancement, injury recovery and rehabilitative care. He has been recognized with many community awards for his outstanding level of professional care. Much of Dr. Tom’s life is spent coordinating fitness and conditioning programs for local families and athletes. He brings an unwavering commitment to our community and reflects that passion in the health and well being of his young and dynamic family.

Dr. David Blair is Chiropractor in the Durham region who has a special interest in sports rehabilitation and maintaining mobility and function. With an extensive personal history in all levels of hockey, Dr. David uses various modalities to improve patient function and reduce pain. His treatment tools include Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, gait screening and orthotics, chiropractic manipulation, sports nutrition, and soft tissue techniques. Seeing a chiropractor from his early years, Dr. David recognizes the importance of family wellness regardless of age and offers treatments tailored to the individual.  The avid golfer will also benefit from consulting with Dr. Blair who has completed screening and treatment technique offered by the Titleist Performance Institute.